The Line Of The Horizon

Jimmy Ernst, Alone (Again) Or, Incident in a Museum

Jimmy Ernst’s “Alone”, stands alone on in the first room of an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum’s Art of Another Kind.
A black and grey painting, not quite abstract. A thick lattice of black geometric lines in the foreground. Thinner perspectival lines suggesting a ceiling, a floor and two walls behind the lattice. On the wall […]

Regibility and Leadability- A Lecture

Legibility carries different meanings for different constituencies. At a recent lecture entitled “Legi…….” Denis Pelli described his collaboration with typographer __. Several years went by before they realized that the terms they were sharing in their experiments and investigations meant quite different things to each.
In a dry and fairly colorless (no infographics here) chart Pelli […]

Ottmar Mergenthaler’s Bride

According to the filmmakers the film Linotype was started as a movie about a wonderful piece of machinery and ended as a portrait of people who’d worked with the machine for a long time or were attached to it in some other fashion. A heavy but delicate machine that spat out hot metal into moulds of letterforms composed on a kind of typewriter, the Linotype speeded up the setting of type by a factor of six, recycled metal type and along with other efficiences drastically reduced the cost of printing.

How To Look At a Painting

A Sixty Minute Walk Around “de Kooning — A Retrospective ”

Make light of it.
‘‘ When we observe a picture for any length of time, even the most serious picture, we have to turn it into a caricature in order to bear it…We cannot endure a state of admiration for long, and we perish if we […]

Counting Down, Counting Across: Roman Opalka and Robert Breer

Robert Breer and Roman Opalka died within a week of each other. Both artists broke time into discrete pieces and then put it together again. One number per unit of time, Opalka’s increments slip from one to the next almost imperceptibly, using the notation of numbers to differentiate and link one to another. Breer’s fragments […]

XXXIV by Catullus

“While Catullus can indeed be moving and lyrical, he can also be petty, spiteful, coldly and vilely obscene, predatory and ruthless…”

One to Three Blind Men Crossing a Bridge

They were saying “Make peace, not war,” and so, the Commander of the Ohio State National Guard testified in the course of the Kent State trials, he threw a rock at them.
From “Speedboat”, By Renata Adler.