The Line Of The Horizon

Regibility and Leadability- A Lecture

Legibility carries different meanings for different constituencies. At a recent lecture entitled “Legi…….” Denis Pelli described his collaboration with typographer __. Several years went by before they realized that the terms they were sharing in their experiments and investigations meant quite different things to each.
In a dry and fairly colorless (no infographics here) chart Pelli […]

Ottmar Mergenthaler’s Bride

According to the filmmakers the film Linotype was started as a movie about a wonderful piece of machinery and ended as a portrait of people who’d worked with the machine for a long time or were attached to it in some other fashion. A heavy but delicate machine that spat out hot metal into moulds of letterforms composed on a kind of typewriter, the Linotype speeded up the setting of type by a factor of six, recycled metal type and along with other efficiences drastically reduced the cost of printing.