Jimmy Ernst, Alone (Again) Or, Incident in a Museum

Jimmy Ernst’s “Alone”, stands alone on in the first room of an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum’s Art of Another Kind.

A black and grey painting, not quite abstract. A thick lattice of black geometric lines in the foreground. Thinner perspectival lines suggesting a ceiling, a floor and two walls behind the lattice. On the wall to the left a figure, on the right a painting.

The lattice at various points echoes and reinforces the perspectival lines of the floor and ceiling. At other points the lattice overlays the painting and the figure. There is deep space and there is frontal geometry. I think, for <year> it’s an unusual painting because it so clearly plays with the idea of a picturing a painting.

Jimmy Ernst taught at <college> where <artlanguageartist>  and <artlanguageartist> were students.

In <year> Art & Language began producing a series of paintings (or pictures) called ‘Index in a Museum’ where painting and authority were examined in a Marxist based critique.

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